Table Tennis -Spectacular!!

J.O. Waldner and J. Persson play one of the best points ever.
In several Million views, the most frequently asked question has been: "Why doesn't he just tap it in?".
Well, of course that can be done. It's extremely difficult to do it right, because of the massive spin, and on a high bounce the opponent can run in a kill it, or, if you're the "Mozart of Table Tennis", this is how you deal with it: Look at "Table Tennis Spectacular - Part 2"
For the "experts" that belittle this as "exhibition": If you can only appreciate table tennis skills that are aimed at hard core competition, you are missing so much of what makes this sport fun. Lighten up and take yourself less seriously. The best in the world can, why not you?

Some more excellence in
Table Tennis Spectacular - Part 2
Table Tennis Spectacular - Part 3
Table Tennis Spectacular - Part 4

If you want the whole thing, get the Mohegan Sun DVD at"

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